MarkedLe Cirque is the pageantry and renown life of the most beautiful and talented of young Legion females. Girls born to it and those who succeed are firmly guided to become great performers. The greatest beauties. The most stunning additions to an influential man’s life. At seventeen, upon a young woman’s ripening, the performer leaves le Cirque to a higher calling, Service. Le Cirque is the world that finishes the finest gems who will one day serve the every pleasures of the Legion males.

Three days short of her ripening, Meridan, has danced, sung and played about every part she has ever wanted to play and the one part she is determined not to be cast for is Mistress or whore. Being uneducated and never having known anything more than le Cirque and her Central Meridan makes plans built on little more than a handful of wishes, a name and a place given to her by a Discard and her need to go immediately.

The things she didn’t plan for… her le Cirque sister Verity joining her. How much performers were disliked outside of the Centrals. How far she would have to travel. Yun Ki and Misha.

And oh… the Legion Protectorate wanting to drag her back to the Central. She was just a performer after all. And the troublesome and bad ones didn’t have any value. Or did they?

Can she run fast enough? Is there any where she can go that her past can’t follow her?

Current status: This novel has been written but is being reworked from third person to first. Formerly had the working title Cirque Douce de la Liberté.

Cover Image designed by Ali Crean.


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