Some Rules Are Made With Love And Care, Some Punishments I Hope To Share

When I put your profile together I will also do a short Q&A with you where we will broaden the range of information provided in your introduction. I will be reading the novel you provided and I will be be discussing writing elements, character and plot development, story continuity, writing habits, research habits and where you came up with the ideas for your novel.

I DO NOT DO INTERVIEWS LIKE YOU HAVE DONE BEFORE. I will not ask you “bio” questions. I will never ask you a yes or no question or ask you to reveal something vital about an upcoming book. No spoilers, I promise. I like to ask questions that are thoughtful, provoking and in depth. You write because you love it and I am not going to insult that love by asking you something superficial. I will ask you about what moves you. I want to know why you craft the stories you do.

As for how I do interviews… I do interviews via Google Docs. Google Docs has a comment feature that allows you to reply to the questions cleanly without the information getting lost in email nesting. I also prefer it to email interviews because it allows me to keep the document on file in a folder that I can access easily in the future. We can discuss other means of doing the interview if Google Docs doesn’t work for you. For more information on how Google Docs functions Anson Alexander has a series of YouTube tutorials on how Google Drive and Google Docs works.

To see examples of questions I’ve asked in the past please refer to the Word Slinger profiles that have been posted and visit the He Said, She Said section of All The Things Inbetween.

The things I require for a Interview:

1. Decent resolution image of the cover of the book.
2. A .pdf, .azw3 format or Amazon gift copy of the novel. Please do not send me any other format. If any of the above is not possible let me know and we will make arrangements.
3. The synopsis of your novel.
4. A FULL list of all the purchase locations for the novel. Note: that is a full list. Don’t make me search for the rest when you only give me Amazon.
5. A FULL list of all of your own social media links. Note: this is full list. Please use this list as a guideline for what you might include:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | tumblr | Pinterest | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page | Ellora’s Cave Author Profile | Harlequin Author Profile | Entangled Author Profile

6. If the novel I am reading is part of a series please include a cover image, synopsis, and purchase links for any novels included in the series.
7. If this is an ARC novel be sure to state clearly the release date and if you would like me to hold the review until the release date write that in bold.
8. If you are asking me to read a book in the middle of a series I ask that you discuss this with me. I get the fits about mid-story arc reads. Many times I will ask to read prior books to catch up and offer to do multiple reviews and possible interview on the series.

The different types of interviews I am open to do:

I will happily do author interviews and fictional character interviews. There are several interview categories onsite that you can take a look at in case you are interested in having an interview and you would like to see some examples of interviews done.

Gabfest & Gossip
Making Love 101
Fictional Friends
Word Slinger


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I’m looking for authors and victims willing to write guest blogs, reviews and interviews for All The Things Inbetween. If you would be interested in taking part please drop me an email and I will send you a thank you picture of a kitten!


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