Meet Simona:

Simona Furnari is from Sicily, Italy. Her love of languages, classic rock, and an addiction to chocolate alludes to a bizarre dream she has that includes a foreign hottie, a Hershey bar, Led Zeppelin, and a bookstore. She shamelessly lacks prejudice regarding what she picks up to read but counts Margaret Mitchell, Neil Gaiman, and Lev Tolstoj amongst her favorites. Simona was discovered and offered the position of a blog reviewer for her natural ability to mix humor and criticism. She was approached through Goodreads by this blog’s kittenface to add her flare in digi-print in April 2015.

She prefers tea to coffee which must surely be as illegal in Italia as it is in the rest of the world. Despite being able to argue her beverage proclivity in a multitude of tongues her misguidedness can not be excused and warrants a firm hand. Spankings might be an option for her beverage orientation but it would only inspire to further misbehave.

Simona’s spirit animal is a monkey that she calls Louie. And in a battle between ninjas, zombies, and pirates she opines that it’s pirates every time. Not Captain Jack every time but definitely some pirate.

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