Meet Ms. Ali Cat:

Reader, writer, gamer, nerd, and needer of coffee and kpop lover. Ms. Ali Cat lives deep in her own imagination within the grand city limits of Escondido, CA. Plagued by an overabundance of introversion, she has been known to say, ‘NO PEOPLE EVER’ and ‘I’LL JUST READ’ whenever invited to take part in anything possibly social. Dr. Seuss, Catherine Coulter, Cyn Forshay-Lunsford, Judy Blume, and John Jakes carried this kitten through her confused and desperate youth in preparation of a nonsensical future. Burden by a propensity for #hashtags; social media outlets allow her to mark her world with #love #sunset #MexicanFood #amreading #kitties #positivity #coverlover #socal and infinite other hashworthy moments. Ms. Ali Cat loves laughing above all other things and her motto is ”life is too funny to be short”.

Her future goals: When she rules the world everyone will all be free to go without pants. Vote: #NoPantsLetsDance

Her present goals: More coffee. Vote: #CoffeeForPositiveChange

Connect With Ali:

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