All The Things Inbetween is the evolution of blogging I (Ali) began back in 2000 on LiveJournal. I’ve always been big on journaling in both physical and virtual forms and I’ve always had some form of written record of my life. In the last decade I’ve lived a flotsam and jetsam existence while dealing with bipolar disorder; my doctors and therapists had encouraged me again and again to write book reviews since reading is a passion of mine. For the longest time I was unsure how to go about it on a consistent basis. I learned when I started writing reviews for All The Things Inbetween that it was a pleasure and not a job.

I’m a roll with the punches girl, at the end of 2013 I got sick and it snowballed into a chronic illness that has been an added challenge. After months and months of struggling with being unable to meet deadlines and see commitments through I decided to get an extra hand to help me with All The Things Inbetween. When I found Simona on Goodreads it was kismet. I wanted someone who could bring a new voice to my blog while continuing the quirky wit, the smart critique; I knew after reading only one of Simona’s review that she was it. We would be a perfect fit.

Since April 2015 we have been learning to do this co-blogging thing with great success. It’s been a joy becoming a professional reader. And it’s a beautiful partnership blogging with a wickedly brilliant reviewer like Simona Furnari. Please keep checking in with us for new content.

Email us with any enquiries.