Being Green by Cynthia Sax
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This is a short story in the Cyborg Sizzle series telling the story of Green, Shelby and the wilting Windy. Back in Releasing Rage it was established that Green’s best friend was his plant Windy and she had saved him when he was at his lowest. Green was concerned because she was in need of repair. After being threatened to be jettisoned into space, a shuttling that she survived, Windy has been suffering a speedy extinction.

In need of help fixing her he hails Doctor Shelby Cooper, botanist and specialist in Earth plants. She is hiding herself out in Earth Minor attempting to remain safe from heartache when Green descends on her planet to claim his little botanist and save Windy.

It’s a quick read lacking the depth needed to make it anything other than schmoopy. I love Cynthia Sax’s humor but this fluff piece is just a placeholder.



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Quickie Review: Being Green by Cynthia Sax
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