As I once stated arguing with Miss Ali Cat, pirates always win.
There’s just no way anybody or anything stands a chance against pirates. Well, with the exception of the Hulk. He smashes without discrimination and not even a pirate is a match. But in a Marvel free world – no wait, blasphemy!, scratch that! I don’t even want to ponder about a Marvel free world!
Rewind everything.

Pirates are wicked. They would win against zombies, aliens, aliens turned zombies and zombies abducted by aliens, I have not a lick of doubt. I’d all the money in my wallet on it – currently at 10,02 Euros but who’s counting!
I love them as much as I love cream cheese with strawberries, which is saying something because I am cream cheese obsessed!

I’ve always had a thing for pirates, ever since first reading Emilio Salgari and watching cartoons inspired by his books. And then came Johnny Depp and made them even more alluring! And have you seen Black Sails? Love it!
Pirates are just plainly fascinating. At least, the way the are depicted in books and movies, because I know that in real life they are violent, criminal, stinky like three-day-old fish, and dirty like my dirty-laundry basket…maybe even more so.
So, let’s say that I am fascinated with the romanticized version of pirates.
Evidently, I’m not the only one who holds pirates in high regard: Donna Fletcher likes ’em, too. Or at least, one of them. Lucifer.
Holy heck, that Lucifer definitely had my panties in a state of permanent hot and bothered Loved him from the very first page. He didn’t even mutate into a pansy when he fell in luuuurve (that’s not a spoiler, that’s an inevitable fact in a Donna Fletcher, so I’m not telling you something new).

Admit it, people, sometimes we all crave a good romance. Sometimes we all want to get a bit mushy and we all want heart-shaped eyes.
There are pirates, people!
An island named Paradise!
Twists and turns.
A string of pearls…
I really want a string of pearls. Not just those puny necklaces, but a string of pearls!
If you ever crave a historical romance featuring a pirate and a lady, get The Buccaneer into your hands.

I absolutely fell in love with this book.


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The Buccaneer Synopsis:

The beautiful and sheltered Lady Catherine Abelard makes the ultimate sacrifice. She agrees to marry the infamous Captain Lucifer, a pirate known for his evil ways, to save her step-father from the gallows. Only the captain can provide the proof of his innocence.
Captain Lucifer has far different plans for Catherine. He wants revenge for the hell her step-father has put him through the last few years. He intends to take her innocence and return her home… a fallen woman.

A simple strand of pearls stands in the way of the captain’s plans and when the strand finally breaks… will it be revenge or love he seeks from the beautiful lady?


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Donna Fletcher’s Books:

Donna Fletcher has been a prolific writer and she’s still going strong!
Some of her works include:

Sinclare 1.Sinclare 2.Sinclare 3.1

Warrior Series 1.Warrior Series 2.

Highlander Trilogy 1. Unchained-pic-189x300Highlander Trilogy 2.Highlander Trilogy 3.

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The Buccaneer Excerpt:

Lucian entered the cabin reluctantly. He would have much preferred to remain topside with the heat of the afternoon sun beating down upon him and the sea breeze refreshing his heated skin.

He wondered whether, if he viewed Catherine Abelard spread out so invitingly for him, he would either strangle her or ravish her, he just wasn’t certain which.

God’s blood, but he wouldn’t mind having a taste of her. She was truly a tempting morsel. Who had been sampled by many. He could not—would not—give her the satisfaction of adding him to her list of conquests.

Besides he intended to learn more about Randolph Abelard from his daughter’s own lips and in so doing discover an alternate way of bringing about the man’s destruction.

A strange whimper caught his attention and he walked further into the room after shutting the door behind him. He approached the bed with hesitation, hearing her soft sensuous whimper. He didn’t care to admit just how much her passionate moans affected him, though his breeches strained with the proof of his response.

He stopped near the side of the bed and cast a curious and reluctant glance down at Catherine.

Passion, hot and ardent, filled her dreams. Her hands fondled her bare breasts frantically, her breathing was heavy, her body thrashed about the bed and her legs locked tightly together as though capturing her dream lover solidly within her.

“Please, oh, please,” she begged softly and with just the right amount of proper reluctance for enjoying herself while innocently enticing her lover.

Lucian found the heat rushing to his loins and his hand racing out, without thought of consequence, to touch her. With a sudden and anxious roughness, he cupped her breast. Her intake of breath was sharp, the moan that followed seductive.

“Please,” she whispered again with barely a quiver, almost as though she feared instead of desired her lover.

His fingers complied playing with her rosy nipple, exciting it to hardness while his hand squeezed the fullness of her. His lips ached to take the pebble-hard orb into his mouth and suckle its sweet taste.

She doesn’t dream of you, his thoughts reminded him. An angry smile curved his lips. “Which lover do you dream of?”

A whisperingly sensuous plea tumbled almost incoherently from her lips, but her pleasing words were enough to send Lucian near to bursting. He released her with the suddenness of one who had just been burned by a red-hot flame.

Abruptly, he turned away from her and stormed out of the room, shutting the door violently and hastily throwing the latch that locked Catherine Abelard in and locked him out.



Meet Donna Feltcher:

Donna Fletcher is a USA Today bestselling author. It was her love of reading that started it all. Her mother fed her passion by signing her up for a Young Adult book club, and from then on she was never without a book. Whether on a bus, train or plane or simply standing on line, you’ll find her reading.

Donna has written numerous historical romances and part of the fun in writing she admits is doing the research. Getting lost in Scotland in 1514 proved exciting and learning about pirates and the high seas thrilled and surprised her. Her four paranormal romances, Wedding Spell, Magical Moments and Magical Memories, Remember the Magic took her into the world of magic though it is not a foreign place to her. She has studied the mystical arts over the years and finds them fascinating.

But it is with her characters she has the most fun. She loves giving life to fresh and exciting characters and they never cease to surprise and inspire her. She feels their excitement as they face the pleasures and pitfalls of falling in love, for love is truly a grand adventure and Donna is definitely as adventurous as her characters.

Her own adventures have taken her to England, Ireland, and Scotland. She has walked the fields were battles were fought centuries ago, toured haunted castles, stood where beheadings were commonplace, explored the mystic mounds of long ago and collected a plethora of memories and research that will live long in her heart and mind.

She has also traveled in the USA, climbing the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, conversing with the manatees and dolphins in Marco Island, Florida, listening to the whispers of ghosts in the old homes of historic Savanna, Georgia and enjoying the Cajun food and music of New Orleans.

Having been born and bred in New Jersey Donna travels frequently within the tri-state area visiting the museums in New York City, catching the fall foliage upstate New York, exploring the quaint and unique shops in New Hope, PA and enjoying life on the Jersey shore.

IMAG0243Donna feels her life is rich and full having three terrific sons, two fantastic daughter-in-laws, two grandchildren who bring her endless joy, great friends, and a spoiled calico named Cleo.


Donna Fletcher’s Web Tracks:

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Simona is from Sicily, Italy and says, ‘Ciao, baby’ a lot. She believes a monkey named Louie is her spirit animal. In a battle between ninjas, zombies, and pirates she opines that it’s pirates every time. DO NOT follow her when the zombie apocalypse comes, she will be looking for the rum to add to her cup of tea.
Tongue Wagger – The Buccaneer by Donna Fletcher
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