Sometimes I need a mindless romance. By mindless I mean nothing too emotional or complex. This book was sorta that but also not that great as far as construction and writing quality. All the same I was compelled to continue it to the end, I’m unsure why.

This is a typical one time nookie experience that results in a preggers mistake/miracle ending in a secret that would piss me off if someone were to hide my kid from me. But this never seems to rattle the unknowing party all that much. Kids aren’t like having some personal embarrassment that is understandable to have some shame in. Kids are a part of both parents and it’s a bit of a dick move to take the experience of a relationship from the other parent and the child. /rant-end

River and Faith grew up together, hit adolescent awkward stage, one became a swan and the other stayed the same. River embraced his newfound fame and fortune and the rift between the too childhood bffs grew until they became stranger. A blessed day arrives when they rediscover one another, a fateful dreamy encounter ends in totally stupidity.

I think River is a moron. I think Faith is a passive aggressive whinger.

Fast forward to the most dysfunctional reunions/reconnoiterings ending in this push and pull misery for the characters and me.

The story itself was meh, I did really love the flashback to the last night they were together. I would have much rather read the New Adult version of this book without the rest of the present day stuff. They characters work much better at that age. As an adult River is a blazingly unstable meathead with an ugly pentient for temper tantrums ending in someone being pummeled. Just because your job is being a boxer doesn’t mean you should be given to violent reactions re:everything. My husband is a web developer and a gamer. When he loses a game he doesn’t try to recode the game. River’s childish reactions are tiring.

One of my pet peeves is when an author repeats a word, action, or a name …ad-nauseam. If you have quality beta readers, or proofread yourself you should be able to catch yourself making everyone wink at one another, verbosely rephrasing and commenting on the beauty of a character, and plain old making the characters say each other names in every sentence. If someone were to talk to me that way I think that they may fear that I was unstable.


“Ali have you fed the cats?”
“The cats need to eat, Ali”
“They are endless bottom feeders.”
“You love the cats, Ali. You know if you don’t feed them they will kill you and eat your flesh.” David said. “You know we don’t want that don’t you, Ali”

That does sound ridiculous right? And yes my husband and I have conversations about the cats eating me.

The writing could have been infinitely better with some good proofreading/content editors. Two notable times the author needed a traffic director was when she describes Faith as wearing a short skirt, then a few pages later River is getting her out of her jeans–this is all in one continuous timeline where she has no time to change. The other part was River has a fight and ends up at Faith’s; three days later the author is talking about how terribly long it’s been since he has a had a match. Pro fighters don’t do daily bouts and if they did and he couldn’t take a three day break then there is a chance that he’s had far too many blows to the head.

In the end this book was nothing so terrible that I have regrets about reading it, but I won’t be reading it a second time either.


Meet Marci Fawn:

Marci Fawn is a 20-something author who just loves alpha males. The badder, the better! She lives with her alpha boyfriend and their two cats, and spends way too much time thinking of new storylines for her books.

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Quickie Reviews: Boxer Beast by Marci Fawn
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