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This book should come with a disclaimer.

Reader Beware: Sexy dirty talking, determined man who knows what he wants and will do anything to get it.

Andrew Fayden isn’t just the campus King, he’s also the campus manwhore with a complicated relationship with his ex-girlfriend, and an obsessive drive with making it in the NFL. What isn’t part of his plan is a girl who is innocent, nervous, naive, with no plans to be a notch in anyone’s bedpost. She demands a friendship over a one night stand. On top of all that she wants to get to KNOW him, like he matters. And to her he does. All these things together makes her special, even more so than that ex who he can’t entangle his life from. But Brooklyn is worth waiting for, and waiting just makes him want her more.

Brooklyn learned to avoid bringing any attention to her. Her older sister, London taught her that lesson in a life crushing means that tore her family apart. Since that she has kept under the radar, determined not to bring the sorrow London on their mother. She’s been the good girl but she carries the guilt of doing the right thing. Now, in college she is finding herself the attention of the star quarterback and his group of friends–and his ex-girlfriend who is as hot and cold as he is.

This book was pancakes, amazekitties, smex, and love!

Brooklyn is one of my most favorite heroines. She is funny, endearingly sweet. I want to meet her and adopt her. She made me laugh and she made me cry broken hearted for her. She’s a book star! Where do I even go with Drew? You fall in love with him as Brooklyn does. She doesn’t give into her body right away and that earns wicked kudos for her self respect. Yes, I’m talking about her like she is real; for a few hours she was tangible and beautiful and my bestie.

This has great pacing; it has so many layers that are building to the climax and then you sink into a whole lot of wtf that will leave you feeling like you missed the clues. Ashley Claudy is word maestro. I can’t wait to read her other novels.



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Hustle CoverHustle Synopsis:

South Eastern University: Where the football players are royalty and Andrew Fayden is king.

College was supposed to be Brook’s chance to escape the rumors and the harassment that plagued her at home, but she hadn’t planned on meeting Andrew Fayden.

Now, she’s finding it hard to think of anything or anyone else. She’s determined to wipe him from her mind though, because he is the definition of unavailable. He’s got an on and off again girlfriend always on the sidelines and a flood of girls willing to take over that position.

And his popularity makes it hard to keep a low profile, something she needs to do if she doesn’t want to be pulled back into the drama of her past.

Despite all the warnings, she’s finding it hard to resist–and he’s making it hard to say no.


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Outside the Ropes Series:


Hustle Excerpt:

“Blondie. Hey, blondie,” Another player calls out, distracting me from what Rose is saying. After my earlier mishap, I don’t want to jump to the conclusion that he’s talking to me. “You.”

“Me?” I mouth, pressing a hand to my tank top.

“Yeah, you, blondie. Come here.”

Rose is in full flirt mode and laughing at something with her guy, so I leave her side, walking into the group of guys with nervous steps, muscles vibrating as they watch me. I liked them better when I thought they were cheering me on.

“You’re that girl that came into my class?” He points the neck of his beer bottle at me.

“Maybe.” Where did they get beer?

“Yeah, you’re running some sort of daycare on the weekends and want people to volunteer to work for you,” he scoffs at his summary and turns to his friends for support.

Andrew, the one that had opened the door for us, the one they had really been cheering for, the one with that perfect jawline, sits on a chair next to him. His silent stare makes the air thin and hard to breathe, even if it’s only a bored stare. The others around him are reacting though, questioning what I’m doing.

“It’s not a daycare,” I try to explain. “It’s a child development clinic, and everyone there is a volunteer, but you can get some class credit, too. Mainly though, it’s to help kids with their motor skills, and it’s fun.”

“It’s on Saturday mornings,” he continues to challenge me, and I can’t figure out why.

“Yeah.” I shrug.

“I can think of better things to do with my Saturday mornings.”

“Maybe.” I nod, but several others are watching us now, so I take the opportunity. “If you ever were free though, even just one Saturday, you should stop by. The kids would love it.”

“Ha,” his laughter is obnoxious and loud. He turns to his teammates, speaking to them, not me. “She must not realize who she’s talking to. We’re not some D league team.”

I close my eyes, calming my initial frustration. Then I focus on him and ignore the laughter around us. “What’s your name?”

Crap . His laughter stops, and I realize my mistake, he took my question as an insult. His teammates laugh louder, and that makes his frown deepen. Someone answers, “Kyle.”

“I didn’t mean it like that. I just wanted to say it’s all right. You don’t have to show up, that’s fine. I’ll do my thing, and you do yours, Kyle. We’re all good.”

He narrows his eyes as he sips his beer, but when someone steps out of the backroom, he lifts his icy gaze and shoulders past me.

I move out of the way enough to keep from being knocked over.

“Don’t mind him. He’s an asshole, and you just hit his ego.”

I turn to the new guy and shake my head. “I really didn’t mean to.”

“Don’t worry about him,” Andrew’s low demand grabs my attention.

He’s relaxed back in a chair, legs spread in a V, completely sexy and radiating dominance even in his casual stance. His hat is gone now, his green eyes bright under dark brows and they’re focused on me. “You getting a tattoo?”

“I was going to.” I search for Rose; she isn’t talking to the bun head anymore but to an older guy with a full beard and inked skin. That must be Chuck, the tattoo artist. Looking back at Andrew, I add, “But I think the wait might be too long tonight.”

He lifts one shoulder, his intense, steady stare never pulling away. “Only a few are getting tattoos. They should be done soon.”

“Oh.” With the possibility back on the table, excitement and unease swirl in my stomach.

“You’re not sure.” He nods his head at the empty chair next him; the other player has disappeared. “Sit.”

My body listens before my mind catches up.

The corner of his mouth lifts as he looks me over, his eyes taking their time on my bare legs clad in cut off shorts, down to my flip-flops. My skin tingles where his gaze lingers, he’s magic.

“It’s only a small tattoo. A star. On my stomach, here.” I swipe my hand low across the side of my stomach. “Rose and I are both getting one.”

“The friendship tattoo. That shit never works.” He pulls a flask from his pants pockets.

“Well, it’s only a star.”

“But it’s not. You’re getting it with your friend. That’s almost as bad as getting your boyfriend’s name on you.”


Meet Ashley Claudy:

New Adult Author. Mother. Wife. Teacher. Proud UMD Terp. Perpetual learner. Wild imagination fueled by coffee. Occasional runner. Late night book junkie. Daytime dreamer.


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