We’ve seen all that has happened between Tara and Lucian during the Dom Wars. I mean each unflinching yummy and tension filled moment, amirite? So what could be more rewarding for V-Day than a peek at their truly MOST intimate moment? Mr. Lucian Bane the author whipped up this special Hashtag Guest Post just in time for the release of the White Knight Dom Academy and the nuptials of our favorite kinky couple.

No restraints were in use in the exchange of these rings.


Lucian faced Tara who dug a folded piece of paper out of the top of her dress while Susan stood with the wedding band. Tara gave her a gasped thank you and took the ring then Lucian watched her struggle to right it and slip it on his finger while holding the paper.

He held his hand out to her. “Looks like you could use an extra hand.” He pointed to his ring finger.

When he realized she was too flustered, he softly touched the paper. “I’ll hold it for you.”

She let it go and took hold of his hand, aiming the ring at his finger. At the rate she was shaking, she’d never manage it. Lucian moved his finger into the moving target and she sighed in relief. He handed her the paper now, reminding her it was next.

“Thank you.” She barely managed the tiny words then fought to open the paper with those same trembling hands. Lucian counted to five, planning to do it for her if she hadn’t succeeded by then.

Finally she managed the job and held a paper that reminded him of the instruction book she’d worn to death that first round in Dom Wars.

She cleared her throat for about five minutes it seemed before saying, “I’d like…”

Lucian held his breath as she stood there for many seconds, not speaking, paper shaking. “Take your time, sweetheart. Breathe. Look at me,” he whispered.

She took a deep breath and looked at him. “I’d like to thank you…” she whispered. “For standing right where you are.”

Lucian realized at that instant where her fears were coming from. She’d worried he wouldn’t be there. Jesus.

“And now that you are. I’d like to say… that… I have dreamed of this day since I was a little girl. I knew you even back then, though I’d not met you. I knew the kind of man that I wanted, the kind of Prince.”

The paper shuddered more. “And you have far exceeded my every dream.” The words came out high pitched as she strained not to cry, the idea making Lucian struggle to breathe.

“I promise you… Lucian Bane…“ Her volume remained louder than usual and she spoke almost quickly, as though keeping her sobs at bay. “That I will be there for you in every way. Every day. No matter if you get too fat or too skinny. If you get sick… I will nurse you. If you get hurt, I will comfort you. And kick the ass of whoever or whatever hurt you.”

Tears flooded his vision as he remembered her kicking his father’s ass in round four of Dom Wars, for all the pain that fucker caused him.

Tara gasped several times then continued to read. “I will learn how to out cook you. Out love you. Out care for you. I will be your helpmate no matter how hard it is, no matter what.” She covered her mouth then gasped. “I will be there. I will be there for you. With you. As long as breath is in me.” She nodded. “The end.”

Lucian angled his head away from the crowd, wiping away his tears and sucking in several breaths of air. He finally turned to her and stepped closer, wanting to see her, wanting her to see him.

Emotions gripped his chest when he stared into her eyes filled with fresh tears.

“Tara… from the first day I saw you… I fell head over heels in love with you.”

Tara let out a huge sob.

“I know they say there is no such thing as insta-love. But I promise you with all that I am… I fell so hard and fast for you, within the first minute that we met.” Tara wailed now and Lucian embraced her. “Tara Reese, you stole my heart the moment I met you. Everything about you…” Lucian paused to breathe around the sudden buildup of emotions. “Everything about you answered… every hunger. Every need. Every longing that I had. I didn’t realize it then, Tara, but… you saved me from myself; a man I hated, and you made me…” Lucian wiped his face on his shoulder. “…you made me into the man I was meant to be. Your husband. Your protector. Your soul mate.”

Lucian took the ring from Steve who held it on cue all while Tara wailed. He held her left hand and slid the ring on her finger then leaned down to her ear so she could hear him. “I… Lucian Bane. Do vow with all that I am this day… to be everything you need me to be. Until that rude motherfucker named death, does parts us.” Lucian hugged her tighter. “I love you so fucking much.”



White Knight Dom Academy Synopsis:

Lucian and Tara may have won Dom Wars and the Million–two, in fact–but they didn’t realize they’d be the reigning Mr. and Mrs. Dildo USA.

As the new “Faces” of the large adult-toy company, they’re required to train at least five couples within five years, in the art of Dominance and submission. In addition to selling X amount of Gladiator toys.

Only problem is, Gramma isn’t leaving Maplewood, Missouri, which means they’ll have to conduct Undercover Operation-Kink in Tara’s stuck-up, religious hometown, without getting caught and having the entire family thrown out.

But two million dollars is two million dollars, and Lucian and Tara didn’t come all this way to forfeit everything they sacrificed. So, the plan is to Dom and sub up, find a way to pull this kink-heist off, and collect their winnings. And with the help of his good friend Steve, he’s sure they can manage anything.


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Meet Lucian Bane:

My name is Lucian Bane and I’ve heard from many that I’m the odd one out. But really, I’m just a Husband, an Author, and a Christian Dom. Ah, maybe that’s the one that makes everybody pause. Oxymoron? Not at all.

As an author, I like to write stories—paranormal erotica and contemporary erotica—about men who honor, cherish, and protect the women they love. But more importantly, I also attempt to make these stories a reality for couples everywhere by teaching them in the form of fiction how to add heat and passion to marriages and relationships that might not have it. Teach them how to build life-long commitments that form strong families, like I have with my own beautiful wife.

I think there are many men like myself, and I hope my writing will be a map for them. A map for women as well, to teach them how to bring out the Dom that exists within the men they call boyfriend or husband.

As young men, our inner Doms need a master to train them. I once bowed to my inner Dom’s reckless and tireless desires, but when I gave myself to God and conformed my will to His, the transformation made me into what I am today. What many would call an Ineffable Dom. But its equal term in the Vanilla world, in my opinion, is simply a real man.


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