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Thank you, Ali, for letting me be a guest blogger today. I’m in Texas where I like to celebrate the end of summer with a Hallelujah! Why? Because maybe, just maybe, the 100 degree weather will drop off to a tolerable 92 or so degrees in September. See? Hallelujah!

Weather aside, the end of summer brings back memories of high school for me. One summer night long, long ago and far, far away (well, not that far – South Texas) my pals and I decided we’d go crabbing. That’s where you drop a meaty bit of bait in the water and hope you can sneak up on a nibbling crab.

You use a net and you have to break the surface of the water at an angle and very, very slowly move the net toward the crab. Nine and a half times out of ten, the crab will detect the movement (I don’t know how. Maybe vibrations?) and will let go of the bait and sink silently back down to the murky bottom. That night, no one caught a crab.

So how does this crab tale relate to writing?
We had gone out that evening with a goal in mind. But we failed at that goal. In the meantime, we had so much fun together, all helping each other and not breaking up into couples or gossiping about “my rotten teenage life” or, you know, the parents, it became a memorable night – all of us working together to sneak up on a crab!

When I’m writing I have a goal in mind too. Sometimes I win and sometimes I fail. But when I’m really in the moment (as we were doing our crab hunt) I’m having fun and fully engaged in what I’m doing. Sometimes I think a scene will go one way and instead something else pops up. I’ve learned not to stick too concretely to my first idea and just let spontaneity blossom. Like we did that night long, long ago.


Meet CeCe Osgood:


CeCe Osgood lives in Texas after many years in LA working in the film industry. Her writing career includes magazine articles and screenplays as well as being a freelance script analyst (main client HBO). She also has had two screenplays optioned.

Being a novelist has been her lifelong dream, and now it’s becoming her reality. Her debut novel, THE DIVORCED NOT DEAD WORKSHOP, a romantic comedy with a whopping side dish of chick lit aka lighthearted women’s fiction, is about dating after divorce. She loves red wine and hates pretzels.


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TDNDW-stroke The Divorced Not Dead Workshop Synopsis:

“That’s what you called it, Dorsey, and I love it …The Divorced Not Dead Workshop.” 

Divorced five years and recently dumped by boyfriend Theo, Dorsey Bing, smart, funny and a wee bit angsty, brainstorms about a dating workshop for divorced people. Too bad she’s an idea person with zero follow-through. That changes when her best friend, Pilar Vega, a feisty go-getter, chooses to set up the workshop, puts herself in charge and gets Dorsey to agree to be her “gofer.” 

Things are fine until Dorsey’s widowed stepfather Ralph, and his bride-to-be, Audrey, ask Dorsey to join their wedding cruise to Cabo, which is on the very same weekend as the workshop. Dorsey and Pilar decide to hold the workshop during the cruise. But do things ever really work out as planned. No. No, they don’t. 

Complications arise with a startling mishap, rebellious attendees and a fraud accusation, the arrival of Audrey’s good-looking but wily nephew Finn, and the reappearance of Theo. Struggling through the turmoil, Dorsey must face her biggest challenge if she’s to win the love, and life, she’s always desired.

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