Tongue Wagger - One Night of Sin by Elle KennedyI have a thing about censoring myself–I don’t do it. I feel like it’s a self shaming and I should allow my inner dork out and allow it to go crazy. I made the “frame” for this yesterday and The first thing that came to when I sat down to write this review was, I’m bringing sexy back. Well, I didn’t really think that was where this was where it would go when I read the book but it’s a damn good theme for this book by Elle Kennedy.

Skylar Thompson is a good girl and we know that sooner or later they always snap under the pressure of that virtue, goodwill and grace. Being good is a burden–DON’T DO IT! When she first sees Gage Holt in his club, Sin, she knows that he is the man to be bad with and she wants to start right away. Gage is a man with little to no self control and Sky is beyond temptation. Giving her a chance to get a way is the right thing to do. Telling her not come back is the right thing to do. Letting her actually go IS the right thing to do. When she comes back… she is the only thing he wants to do and he’s already given her an out so he’s going to go with it. Dirty babe. You see these shackles. Baby I’m your slave.

Gage is your typical–I don’t deserve a good girl-kind of guy. Skylar spends a lot of time trying to bathe in his sweat and roll around in his smut until he’s convinced they are equals and he can accept they are a perfect fit. The tough guys always seem to have the sissy emotions and need the big girl panties, lucky for him Skylar has a mean bitch slap of love and she has a very large tolerance for wishy washy bullshit. Once Gage is on page though he is on page and he is all for making sure Skylar never has a moment to question her choice. Them other boys don’t know how to act. I think you’re special, what’s behind your back? So turn around and I’ll pick up the slack.

I have a thing for Entangled books… the covers always make me take a shower. This cover is fair warning of the temperature of it’s story because Skylar and Gage are so incendiary that each time they come together it is RED HOT! Elle Kennedy is to me a new author and I will be reading many more of her books. I can’t wait to see the other After Hours books with Gage’s friends, Reed and AJ–this is part of a series. The guys were great, at causing trouble.

“My roommates told me not to bother coming here. They said I should just accept that you’re not into me, and move on. Are they right?”
Reed spoke up before Gage could respond, sounding so delighted by the situation that Gage wanted to slug him.
“Oh he’s definitely into you, honey.”
She looked intrigued. “Is he?”
“Trust me, he is. He’s barely said one word to me about you.”
“I didn’t even know you existed,” AJ piped up, green eyes twinkling.
Her frown swiftly returned . “You two aren’t really painting a picture of a guy who’s interested.”
“With this idiot, that’s exactly what it means.” Reed jerked a thumb at Gage and rolled his eyes. “The less he says the more interested he is.”
Gage gritted his teeth. “Would you please stop talking like I’m not in the room?”

If you like this try Throttle Me by Chelle Bliss or Changing His Game by Justine Elvira. I really loved Changing His Game! Come here girl, Go ahead, be gone with it.

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Tongue Wagger – One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy
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