by Dena Garson:

I was able to have a nice long weekend with my boys recently. With them being out of school for the summer, it’s important that they stay busy so they don’t get bored and then get on everyone’s nerves (each other’s and mine). They’re four years apart so sometimes it’s hard finding things they both want to do. Here are some of the things we’ve come up with to take advantage of summer fun:

1. Take a walk.
Visit with the neighbors, check out what plants are doing well in other people’s yards, see if anyone’s moving or having a party. Shoot – just enjoy the nice weather.

2. Get wet.
We’re lucky to have a neighborhood pool. My youngest loves to go swimming. Not only does he get a bit of exercise, but he gets to play with his pals and stays a little cooler doing it.

3. Check out the library.
I love books. I’ve tried to share the love with my boys so I encourage them to check out any book that appeals to them in hopes that one will capture their imagination.

4. Sign up for a camp.
My oldest plays football and soccer. We signed him up for a speed and agility camp and an early football camp to brush up on his skills and make sure he’s in shape before the season starts. My youngest plays football and baseball. He has been taking a baseball camp to work on batting and a variety of other skills since he’s fairly new to the game. He also took a short camp hosted by the organization that coordinates Native American programs in our local schools. They shared tribal arts and crafts and historical information and even toured a couple of local heritage centers. I was surprised how much he liked it.

5. Go wild.
We have a pretty nice local zoo. They often have special exhibits during the summer. One year it was a new habitat for the penguins, so that made a nice break from the heat.

6. Work together.
It seems like summer is an endless string of mowing, weed eating, and watering. Why not get the entire family involved? Many hands make shorter work. Then no one feels like they have to do more than the other.

7. Get connected.
My boys both love the xbox. I have a lot of concerns about their game playing but I make an effort to play with them from time to time. If I’m not playing with them, I work on my computer or read a book in the same room. This way I can see and hear what they’re doing and temper anything I have concerns about. The boys think it’s fun to try to teach me how to play.

8. Watch a flick.
In all honesty this is probably one of the hardest things to pull off. Finding a movie that everyone can agree on is often a challenge. But I suppose you could all go to the theater and watch different movies. If you don’t want together time, that is.

9. Find a game.
We have a pretty good local baseball team. Even on hot summer nights it’s fun to watch someone else play the game. If you have one in your home town, the ice rink for the hockey team is a cool place to be.

10. Catch something.
The boys love to go fishing. There is a pond within walking distance of our house. Nothing very big in there and it’s definitely a catch-­and-­release kind place but they have fun. Their dad takes them to the lake when he can to try to get bigger fish. One night they pulled an all-­nighter with their cousins and uncle on the river. They lost a pole but had a great time!

I’m sure there are more things to do in your part of the county that I haven’t mentioned.

Even though this is written with the assumption that a family means parents and kids, you could do these things with just your significant other. Even the camp idea could be exchanged for an art or cooking class for two.

The important things are to spend time with your family – however you define that ­ and create some memories.

So now it’s your turn. Tell me what other ideas you have?


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