I have a problem. I used to say I never wanted to be like my mom in her packrat ways and I fight it tooth and nail in the most obvious ways. Just hearing her say the word shop will put me in a panic where I will be tossing things into boxes and waste bags for donation or the big garbage dump in the sky. Clutter and chaos makes my skin crawl… then you look at my purchase history on Amazon and you see my mom’s influence. I am BOOK packrat. I just can’t see a book and that is on sale and let it go by. And for this week what I spent $11.95, I saved $6.78. I think I will put that transfer that to my savings account right now! MEOW.


Gimme BOOKS. GIMME, GIMME, GIMME booooooks. This was a slow week because D was home and we were doing a lot of things. So these were the things I grabbed and I have not read any of them as of yet.


 My Man’s Best Friend Synopsis:

Are You Ready For A New Kind Of Relationship Story?

Kai Edwards is confronted with the startling reality that her man’s best friend is a woman, a drop-dead, gorgeous one at that. Now, what is a girl to do?

Yes, Kai Edwards has a big problem when Todd Daniels’ best friend, Alana Brooks, moves to Chicago and straight into the middle of their perfect life. To compete with the new threat and keep her man, Kai devises a deliciously devious plan, but it takes an unexpected turn when she falls hard for Alana. What unfolds is an unconventional passion triangle that turns Kai’s once normal life upside down – forever.

Set in Chicago, My Man’s Best Friend is a thought-provoking, intelligent, unconventional romantic comedy that takes an ordinary boy meets girl story and turns it on its ear. With an emotionally fearless protagonist, Kai Edwards, paired up with a manipulative, breathtaking beauty, Alana Brooks, this story will take you on an emotional rollercoaster only to have you gasping for air when the ride comes to an end. In her debut novel, K. Elle answers the question, what would you do if your man’s best friend were a beautiful woman? The answer, undoubtedly, will surprise you.

I got this book for free but the normal price is 99¢. 


Purchase My Man’s Best Friend:



NeverlandNeverland Synopsis:

How can an apple start the sweetest romance in fairytale history?

And what does a ruthless pirate have to do with it all?

Angelina McFarland loves reading fairytales. But she never dreamed of falling right into one herself. That’s exactly what happens when she slips on her balcony and a flying Peter Pan catches her mid-fall.

Ending up in Neverland where no one seems to age and laws of nature are out of control, Angel has no idea how to get home. Worse, the ruthless Captain Hook captures her and keeps her trapped on his ship, the Jolly Roger, where she gets caught between the lines of a timeless battle. But the more time Angel spends with the captain, the more she sees beneath his ruthless façade.

As Angel desperately tries to find a way to return to her real life, she discovers a train ticket to London in her pocket. It won’t be any help in getting off the island, but as her memory fades away the longer she stays, this is all she has left to remind her of her former life and why she can’t give up trying.

Or is staying in Neverland forever the better choice after all?

Grab a happy thought and follow Angel on an adventure that will keep you breathless and smiling long after you read the last page…

This is the first in the Adventures in Neverland Series. I purchased this book for 99¢ but the regular price is $2.99.


Purchase Neverland:



Falling-ForFalling For Her Fiancé Synopsis:

Danielle and Wes have been best friends since college, so when Wes needs a date for his sister’s wedding and Dani needs a partner for her company’s retreat, they devise the perfect plan: a fake engagement to get through both events unscathed. Adrenaline-junkie Wes can prove to both his ex and his family that he’s well and truly moved on, and serious-minded Dani can prove to her boss that she’s worthy of the promotion he seems to only want to give to a family-oriented employee.

But amid the fake swoons, fake kisses, and forced proximity, neither expects the very real feelings that develop. There’s nothing more dangerous than falling for your best friend…but what if the landing is worth the fall?

This book is the first of Cindi Madsen’s Accidently in Love series. For a limited time it was available free as a promotion for the series which has 2 other books and a short story. It’s usual price is $3.79


Purchase Falling For Her Fiancé:


Give-Me-LoveGive Me Love Synopsis:

Evie Jamieson, a former wild child, is not only a headstrong, smart-mouthed trouble magnet, she is also a lead singer with a plan. That plan involves relocating her band, including her two best friends guitarist Henry and band manager Mac, to Sydney to kick off their dreams of hitting the big time. 

Jared Valentine is the older brother of Evie’s best friend Mac and also the man determined to make Evie his. They strike up a long distance friendship which suits Evie because she’s determined to avoid the distraction of love, not only because it doesn’t fit in with her plan but because twice in the past it has left her for dead. Moving to Sydney however, has put her directly in Jared’s path and he has decided it’s the perfect opportunity to make his play.

Unfortunately Jared, co-owner in a business that ‘consults’ in dangerous hostage and kidnapping situations, makes an enemy who’s determined to enact revenge. When this enemy puts Evie in his sights, Jared not only has a fight on his hands to make her his own, but also to keep her alive.

Is accepting the love he’s so desperate to give worth the risk to both her heart…and her life?

Give Me Love is at the awesome price of FREE! I can’t say no to those type deals. 


Purchase Give Me Love:



witch-hunt-sm-reineWitch Hunt Synopsis:

A brutal murder.

There are scratches on Cèsar Hawke’s arms, a discharged Glock on his coffee table, and a dead woman in his bathtub. Yeah, maybe he brought the waitress home for some fun — he was too drunk to remember it — but he knows for a fact that he didn’t kill her. He’s an agent with the Office of Preternatural Affairs. He doesn’t hurt people. He saves them.

The cops disagree. Now Cèsar is running.

The search for a shaman.

Isobel Stonecrow speaks with the dead…for the right price. She brings closure to the bereaved and heals broken hearts. But when she resurrects someone for the wrong client, she ends up on the OPA’s most wanted list.

One risky solution.

Tracking down Isobel is the last case assigned to Cèsar before he bolts. If he finds her, he can prove that he didn’t kill that waitress. He can clear his name, get his job back, and bring justice to the victim.

She’s just one witch. Cèsar has bagged a dozen witches before.

How hard can one more be?

Another Amazon freebie!


Purchase Witch Hunt:



Perfect-PitchPerfect Pitch Synopsis:

Reigning beauty queen Samantha Winger is launching her pet project, a music program for kids. All she has to do is follow the pageant’s rules—no smoking, drinking, or “cavorting” in public.

That’s fine, until D.J. Thomas—God’s gift to baseball—throws her a wild pitch. He slams her in an interview, and the video goes viral. Sam’s no shrinking violet. She parlays D.J.’s apology into a national T.V. appearance—and a very unexpected, very public kiss.

Soon, paparazzi catch the couple in a steamy make-out session, and Sam’s music program is on the block. The blazing hot relationship is threatened even more when D.J.’s son begs to trade in Little League for music class.

Can Sam and D.J. sizzle past the sour notes and find their perfect pitch?

I was beta reading a novel about baseball this past week so this Amazon freebie caught my eye and fell under the category of “MUST HAVE”. Most freebies fall into that category but this one more so since I LURVED the book I was beta reading.


Purchase Perfect Pitch:



  The Wedding Trap Synopsis:

Beth Bradley has a problem. Everyone is expecting her successful music executive boyfriend, Charlie, to be her date for her best friend’s wedding. There’s one hitch: Charlie doesn’t exist. Unless she can think of something fast, she’s headed for the most humiliating weekend of her life.

Alex Tanner has a problem. The former Navy SEAL’s search for a double agent lands him at the Kensington Hotel, and he needs a cover to finish the job. When the sexy maid of honor blackmails him into pretending to be her lover, he thinks he’s been handed the solution.

Except Beth has a way of stumbling into trouble, and when the man Alex is hunting starts targeting Beth, Alex has to decide between duty and the woman who has stolen his heart.

I’m guilty. I buy books because I like the covers. I loved this one. This one was also FREE! 


Purchase The Wedding Trap:



Off-GuardOff Guard Synopsis:


An all-new “friends romance” short story from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Marian Tee


18-year-old Gabby has a date. Finally. But because of the sheltered life she’s led, she needs a chaperone of sorts. Enter Hadrian Bancroft, the hottest guy in uni – and her best friend. Or at least he was until he kissed her.

This is a short story. I am a Marian Tee fan and I am always happy to pick up her stuff. This is a freebie as well.


Purchase Off Guard:



Love-NotesLove Notes Synopsis:

How do you cope when the people you care for hurt you the most? When the way you feel on the outside, smothers you on the inside. And when you are left to face your demons alone, will you learn that only you have the power to overcome them?

Charlie has never had it easy. Between the constant moving and the incessant fat comments and jokes from her father, her self-worth is nonexistent. Her reflection in the mirror shows her nothing but a plain Jane. Music is the only thing that keeps her sanity in check.

Charlie catches the eye of the town star quarterback, Maverick. With her curves, her brunette hair, and the voice of an angel, Maverick has never met anyone like her. Everything that is different about Charlie just makes Maverick like her more. Unfortunately, Charlie doesn’t see it herself.

Proving it to her may deem harder than he thinks, especially when tragedy strikes and tears them apart.

Now standing on her own two feet she may finally learn exactly who she is, what’s she’s capable of and how very un plain Jane she really is.

Free… Free… Free. Yes this is another one I found that was free that seems to normally be free. This is the first of the Love Notes series.


Purchase Love Notes:



Mine-To-TakeMine To Take Synopsis:

Sometimes you want someone so much…
Sometimes you need someone so much…
Lust can become love.
And love can turn into a deadly obsession.


Skye Sullivan knows that someone is watching her. Not just watching—stalking her. Months ago, Skye was involved in a dangerous car accident. The accident ended her dancing career and sent her fleeing back to Chicago. Skye is convinced that her stalker caused the crash, and she fears that he won’t stop pursuing her, not until she’s dead.

When someone breaks into her apartment in Chicago, Skye turns to the one man she believes can protect her—Trace Weston. Once, Trace was her lover. Two lost souls, they’d come together in a firestorm of need and desire. But then Trace had pushed her away. He’d joined the military, vanishing from her life. She’d put all of her emotion into dancing, and she’d tried to forget him.

Now Trace is one of the most successful men in the United States. Rich, driven, and carrying dark secrets, he agrees to help Skye. He’ll protect her from the danger that lurks in the darkness, but Trace wants more than to just be a guard for Skye.

He wants her. And he’ll take her. The years have changed him, hardened him. He’s not just a poor kid from the streets any longer. Now, he can have anything—or anyone—that he wants. And the one woman he has always wanted has just come back into his life. He won’t let her go again.

But with the threats mounting against Skye, she suspects that her stalker may be intimately close. He’s a man who knows her too well. As his attacks grow ever more dangerous, she realizes that if she trusts the wrong man, she could be making a fatal mistake.

Lust. Love. Obsession.

Just how far would you go in order to possess the one person you want the most?

This book sounds so delicious to me. My brain’s mouth is watering for it. Another book you can get for a 1-click and a smile.


Purchase Mine To Take:



The-Rake-EnrapturedThe Rake Enraptured Synopsis:


Colin Holbrook is notorious, dark and delicious as sin. Yet Julia will have nothing to do with him. A stern governess, morally upright but with a heart of fire, she craves him beyond anything yet will fight him, and battle her own nature, until passion makes her weak.

I have a weakness of notorious, dark and delicious as sin rakes. I didn’t have to read more than the first line of the synopsis and see the cover which I liked a lot to convince me that I had to add this to my overweight Kindle. This novel is $2.99.


Purchase The Enraptured Rake:



ZeusZeus Synopsis:

He is the leader of the gods, no not the Greek gods of ancient times that they are named for, but the god line of genetically manipulated beings said to be so much more than men. They’ve been imprisoned by Origin, the company that created them, all their lives, but now they have a chance to be free. 

She leads the team that has come to free them. She and her team always come in first and leave first on every the mission, which is a good thing because she is drawn to the gorgeous god. She needs to leave to get on with her life and the career she loves.

She doesn’t want to settle down, he is unwilling to settle for anything less. When they are thrown together fighting Origin and secrets are revealed, will it bring them closer together or place insurmountable obstacles in their path?

Note: graphic sex and is for adult readers only. 

The note for this book said: graphic sex and is for adult readers only. Need I say more? This books is $1.99.


Purchase Zeus:



PistolPistol Synopsis:

Stephanie Drake, or Steph as she’s known to her friends, is lost. Somewhere between the end of her childhood, and the day her loser of a boyfriend called it quits on their so-called relationship, she forgot who she was. She lives each day in a perpetual routine, stuck in the confines of her normal, safe life. If she doesn’t take a risk, she won’t get hurt—right?

Then she meets Pete—or Pistol to his friends.

He’s blunt, arrogant, and straight forward about what he wants. And as it turns out, he wants her.

Should she take a walk on the wild side, risk being burnt, and lay her heart on the line? Something in the way he makes her feel tells her ‘yes’, but her friends aren’t so sure this emotionally shut-off man has a place in her life. Why should she listen to them, though? After all, they don’t know a thing about him …

… do they?

Sometimes graphic design is a books best friend. To be honest this book sounds like a million others I’ve read, but the packaging is pretty. Free is yet one more thing to make this pretty book an eye-catcher.


Purchase Pistol:



Sharing-YouSharing You Synopsis:

To say that twenty-six year old, Brody Saco has had a rough marriage would be an understatement. After marrying his pregnant girlfriend, he spends the next six years in a relationship filled with hatred, manipulation and guilt involving a tragedy that happened five years earlier. When he keeps running into his sister-in-law’s best friend, Kamryn, he can’t ignore that she makes him feel more with just one look than his wife ever has; and soon he can’t continue fight his feelings for her.

When staying apart proves to be too difficult, Brody and Kamryn enter a relationship full of stolen moments and nights that end too soon while they wait for Brody to file for divorce. But the guilt that comes with their relationship may prove to be too much for Kamryn, and Brody might not be strong enough to face the tragedy from his past in order to leave his conniving wife.

I’m a huge Molly McAdams fan and for the 20 mad seconds after I read this synopsis I imagined I would have the time to read this book. I won’t get to it anytime soon but I had to buy this book. $3.79.


Purchase Sharing You:



Beneath-The-SurfaceBeneath The Surface Synopsis:

Kyran Reese is a man in control. Driven when it comes to work, focused when it comes to play. From his office to the chalk circle of the bare-knuckle boxing ring, his only thought is to win. That thirst heightens when Dale Porter enters his life. His brother’s assistant should be off limits, but her witty comments and sarcastic comebacks have him desperate to get her between the sheets.

When Dale agrees to Kyran’s relationship stipulation of no labels she’s sucked into a whirlwind of lust, money, and underground boxing. Dale fights her growing affection, trying to hide it when the world around them spirals out of control. All too soon she realizes she can’t hide her true feelings any longer.

Has Kyran finally met his match? Could playing to win mean playing for keeps?

I am promised to read the second book in this series and want to read this book first. This book was $4.99, which my frugal heart wishes I had waited until it went on sale to buy but M.A Stacie is a very kind woman and can have my money. M.A don’t spend all those pennies in one place.


Purchase Beneath The Surface:



Bring-on-The-HeatBring On The Heat Synopsis:

A collection of erotic tales from today’s hottest authors, featuring BDSM love stories, ménage romps, and everything in between. No matter what your taste in erotic romance, we’ve got you covered and then some! Warning: These stories may require readers to seek out a cold drink and a hot man.

I love boxsets set at sexy prices. This is at a sweet price. For only 99¢ you can have this erotic romance compendium.


Purchase Bring On The Heat:



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