Ju Ephraime has released her fourth installment of her LaCasse Series, Rhapsody in Paris. A budding romance begins between Franchesca LaCasse when a chance fall delivers the rare beauty to the feet of Damon Dumont on her normal run. Damon can’t help but follow the fiery red head to the emergency center since he might have to get checked out for the racing heart and shortness of breath meeting Franchesca has brought on for him. Is there a relief for fascination? Damon doesn’t think he wants to bother with the cure.

Rhapsody in Paris Synopsis:

This couldn’t be happening to her. A fall on the track where she runs every day, a chance meeting with the most handsome stranger she’s ever seen, and Franchesca LaCasse, an accomplished biochemist, usually able to handle any situation, finds herself hungering for the stranger’s touch as he gently caresses her face to determine the extent of her injury. With each touch of his hand, he draws her like a moth to flame.

“Look at you,” he whispered, his accent thick and gravelly, the thickest she’d ever heard it.

Damon Dumont comes to an abrupt stop to avoid running over the woman lying in his path on the track; he can’t just walk away. She is not moving. He turns her over to check for a pulse and is not prepared for the unusual beauty of the woman. Everything about her fascinates him, her gorgeous eyes, and the pièce de résistance, her beautiful head of hair—flaming red, his weakness. He calls for the paramedics, and when they arrive decides to accompany her to the hospital. In this moment of near crisis, a spark has been struck and neither can escape the sensual fire that threatens to consume them as they surrender to passion’s embrace.



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Meet Ju Ephraime:


Ju Ephraime began writing professionally at age 19; at that time, she wrote short stories for the local radio station in her home town. She gave up writing to pursue her education and has since earned several degrees, including two Masters and a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University in Boston. During the course of her schooling, she wrote and published a working curriculum for a career school, a business manual and its answer key, as well as other literary work. In 2010 she revisited her first love, writing for fun and enjoyment. She writes high heat, steamy, romance novels. The first was, State of Ecstasy in the LaCasse series, which was soon followed by, Temptation to Sin, Loving Therèse, #2 in the LaCasse series. Ju has gone on to write several more books, including, The Odor of Violet, on tour this month, Complete Surrender, #3 in the LaCasse series; as well as, a Christmas Novella, Footsteps in the Sand and her award winning paranormal, White Magic Woman, Quarterfinalist in Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest, 2013, out of over 10,000 entrants.

Ju lives in Connecticut, where she is very active in her community. She is the administrator of a business school and the president of a non-profit organization that dresses individuals for job interviews.


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State of Ecstasy Synopsis:

Ju Ephraime finds passion on the lush island of Martinique in this steamy romance. Twenty-six year-old Daphne Cohen’s life is closed off, hiding behind an introverted personality to keep from expressing her true self and exploring the depths of what she truly desires. With very few friends and having only slept with three men in her life, she believes man number three is the one…until she finds out he’s been sleeping around. Fleeing to Martinique to do some soul searching about her past, she meets her future: Wolfe LaCasse, a devastatingly handsome and sensuous Creole. He takes her on a passionate journey whose fire burns too hot for Daphne and she flees the island before getting burned. The problem is, she can’t forget the state of ecstasy she experienced in his arms. Can she risk everything and, for the first time in her life, follow her heart and return to the island? Spinning a fresh twist on the romance genre, Ju Ephraime’s Daphne is in the driver’s seat and in full control to make the decisions that will change her forever. Daphne’s developed sexuality and power bridge a gap between the classic and the contemporary with subtle nuances, sparkling insights, and a provocative, sensuous narrative style.

Reminiscent of the works of Lisa Kleypas and Stephanie Laurens, Ms. Ephraime’s rich emotional landscape delivers an achingly accessible complexity that makes State of Ecstasy steamy, provocative, and fresh, and its author a forceful new voice who brings an entirely new level of heat.


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Loving-ThereseLoving Therèse Synopsis:

Award-winning author of State of Ecstasy is back, with her most sensuous and steamy novel yet, Loving Therèse.

Foxx is a player, on and off the field, until he met Therèse. Therèse is an intensely passionate English woman, who refuses to follow convention and choose instead to select her man from the natives of the French Caribbean island of Martinique, Foxx LaCasse. Soon after meeting Foxx, she begins receiving threatening notes, asking her to stay away from him. Scared out of her wit, she flees back to England, without giving Foxx any explanation. Now two years later, she is back on the island, trying to pick up from where they’d left off, but Foxx was having none of it. He had one goal in mind; to have his way with her, and discard her, as she did him two years ago. But when he finally reunites with his beautiful, passionate, elusive target, he finds himself offering his protection and his heart.

Filled with Ju Ephraime’s trademark sensuality, characters you love to hate and men you wish to love, Loving Therèse will have you enthralled with its unexpected plots and refreshing style, as these two destined lovers, recaptured and embraced their love.


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Complete Surrender Synopsis:

Raymond LaCasse has just completed his studies in Paris, and is on his way home to the French Caribbean island of Martinique. His taxi stops and picks up the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on; little does he know that sharing a taxi with the beautiful stranger will change his life in ways he can’t even imagine. She made such a powerful impression on him that long after she’d collected her belongings and left the taxi, he can’t get her out of his mind. He wishes he could have spent a longer time in her company. He gets his wish, but not in the way he’d ever imagined. Gabrielle Descotte, a model by profession, loves her brother dearly and would do anything for him, even agreeing to assist him in a daring, but illegal, feat. When she meets his intended target, Raymond LaCasse, she swiftly has a change of heart. She now has to choose, her brother or the man who occupies her thoughts every waking moment to the exclusion of all else. Divided by loyalties and bound by a desire that drives them into each other’s arms, Raymond and Gabrielle find themselves in a convoluted web of deceit and danger that almost destroys their new-found love and tears them apart….


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