It’s Day Three of the Substitute Book Reviewer, aka Melanie Ting, lover of all things hockey. Time for my indie author choice. Jaymee Jacobs has been a favourite writer of mine since the days we were both in an online writing group and giving it away for free. But we’ve gone pro since then. Jaymee is that irritatingly accomplished BFF everyone has. I convinced her to self-publish and now she’s produced three novels and gotten into a hockey romance anthology, while I’m still editing my second magnum opus. But I like her anyway. And besides, Jaymee has cats. Two cats, just like me. Supercats who help her write, because I’ve seen photos of them on the keyboard. As Ali would say, amazekittens!

Jaymee writes hockey romances as well, but I would characterize her books as thoughtful and hot. If that’s not a good combination, I don’t know what. It’s like that TA you had in English lit, with the dark hair, the tortoiseshell glasses, and the dry sense of humour, who made your panties melt right off when he read Yeats aloud. I’m speaking hypothetically here, and not about that embarrassing crush I had in third year.

As I said, Jaymee has three books, so I’ll feature what I consider her hottest one: Play The Man.

WebPlay The Man Synopsis:

Jenna couldn’t be more thrilled; after eight years of dating, she finally gets to marry her college sweetheart and dream man, Chicago Blackhawks Captain Ryan Linsenbigler. While Ryan loves his fiancée more than he can say, he’s in no rush to get to the altar. As they struggle with their differing attitudes toward their upcoming wedding, Ryan’s teammate Nick battles with his newfound, taboo feelings of infatuation for Jenna. Emotions run high, and soon Jenna, Ryan, and Nick each find themselves having to make very difficult decisions regarding what they want in love—and life—and what they’re willing to do in order to get it.


I loved this book, which I read before I knew Jaymee. She writes about emotion and relationships in a very realistic way. The hockey is accurate and perfectly integrated into the storyline. And if you’re interested in sex—well, did I even need to ask that question—I feel that Jaymee tackles that very authentically too. I don’t get turned on by erotica; I like sex scenes to have context and importance, and I like to be invested in the characters having the sex. In this case, they’re hot too, which is definitely a perk. Whew, is it just me or is it getting warm in here?

Play the Man is about Jenna, who is torn between two men who are very different, except that they both play hockey. A common dilemma, except most of us don’t get to choose between sizzling hot professional athletes. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who is sad about that. I like that the hockey players are portrayed as complex human beings, not merely gladiators who are perfect robots on and off the ice. I think Ali would chose Ryan or Nick, not as her book boyfriends, but as her book pool boys because they are a whole lotta eye candy. Does Ali even have book pool boys? Maybe she’s not even going outside after the whole Lyme disease debacle.

Jaymee has three books about hockey and relationships, which you can find through her website. Play The Man is only $2.99, so what are you waiting for? Trust me, a total stranger on the internet, to help you find a new book!

And stay tuned for my interview with Jaymee! It’s the most hilarious thing I’ve written all week, unfortunately for my writing career.


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Meet Your Reviewer: Melanie Ting

Fresh Air by Melanie Ting

“I’m Mel, and I don’t want you to read my book. Hmmm, maybe I should rephrase that a little: I don’t want you to read my book unless you are sure it’s exactly the kind of book you would like.”

Errrm… Yes well, that is the introduction Mel originally sent me and why I became her fairy godmother; her PR sucks. Mel doesn’t know that while being sick all I do is click through books like they are channels on book TV and I’ve started Fresh Air. It’s really pretty damn great. She’s a great storyteller and from the reviews and interviews she’s contributed to All The Things Inbetween she’s once more underestimating her own talents.

Hailing from the Great White North, where people are nice, say ‘aboot’ and ‘eh’, have the fabulous luxury of Timmy Ho’s–Mel receives free healthcare and returns the favors afforded to her by writing about the national sport of Canada: Hockey. She blends humor and sports with a good amount of practical romance to give her readers the romance you might have with an athlete rather than that you would see in Hollywood (Toe Pick! Will anyone get that reference?).

Mel, this is how you sell yourself.


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Sin Bin – Play The Man by Jaymee Jacobs
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