Lucky Silver by Clare MurrayWhen I was growing up there were two TV shows that I had to watch or my life was completely–incomplete. They were both regional shows, because when I was growing up TVs were run by gerbils and you got receptions by bending wire coat hangers into bunny ears and attaching tin foil to them to try to improve the signal. I had to watch The Magic Garden with Paula and Carole; think folky Puff the Magic Dragon and Mr. Rogers but with the womens running the show, as it should be. The other one was a show called Hatchy Milatchy with Miss Judy. YouTubed a little bit of it a while back to reminisce and I think I’m safely on the side of, What the Ever-Loving Fudderluck? But I hold the memories dear because my Brownie and Girl Scout group went to the station and guest-starred each year.

Where the hell am I going with this trip down memory lane, because it seems like an entire pile of trivia that you would be served at the retirement home by the kooky lady that is kept in her room. The point I’m getting to is whimsy and magic has always fueled my blood; even when it was young and pale pink blood, it was scented with fairy perfume and unicorn poop. Just so you know, unicorn poop was expensive and everyone wanted it, and Jordache Jeans back then. Thankfully my tastes have grown more simple because these days Clare Murray’s books are like gypsy chocolates; I can’t eat just one and once I have a bite, the book and Clare own me like the time-travel loving bitch I am to her brilliance.

Lucky Silver and Speakeasy Sweetheart are both time-travel romances and the respective heroines step into a time period better suited to their character and interests just as they are hitting the skids and the world is handing them a poop sammich. Clare must do a fair amount of research into the era she is planning to scope out as her setting for each book because she puts a great deal of description, character and atmosphere into the telling which exists outside of the actual people who are cast as roleplayers to the plot. The hero, heroine and secondary personalities add further layers when Clare creates personas which are applicable to the nature of the time and circumstances. She’s like a Jedi of time-travel-tale-telling; Master Obi-Clare Wa-Murray.

Marissa Blythe lives outside her century by… well, only about one-hundred-sixty years. She has a rather romantic view of things and it leaves her open to disappointment when other people don’t respect and value interests like the Victorian party happening at her college. When she and her professor, Harriet, are the only two who dress the part she is dismally disenchanted. Gifted with a silver spoon from Harriet, Marissa makes an escape for the hedge maze and makes a wish… that lands both her and Harriet in the 19th Century.

Clare’s Hero, Rhys is very engaging and charming. I won’t to compare him to a character of another book but I think Blaze O’Rourke from Speakeasy Sweetheart may have ruined me for a long while. That man was naughty and bad to the bone. Rhys was a good guy and he had very little of the “damn the torpedoes” and “devil may care” in him. I love this book, I really loved it. But I like my men like I like my coffee, evil–or at least very bad and in need of giving me a spanking.

The novella is short, sweet, sassy, sexy, some other ‘S’ words I’ve not thought about yet but will come to me in the middle of the night after I post this and I will hate myself for not thinking quicker and I will wish I was wittier and had all the cool comebacks like Joey on Dawson’s Creek, Rory on Gilmore Girls, Seth on the OC, Logan on Veronica Mars, Chuck on Gossip Girls, Damon from Vampire Diaries and of course Mama on Mama’s Family. (You are TOO young to remember that one) I think that Clare Murray could probably write her next time-travel novella in eyeliner on a paper plate and I would ask Laura at EC for a copy.

Get this book, get Speakeasy Sweetheart, get some take-out, get me some pain pills, get yourself a kitten, and get Clare Murray a yacht… it only takes you and you getting five of your friends and five of their friends until everyone’s friends have bought her books until she has a Obi-Clare Wa-Murray Ark. I know I’m going to dress up as an Alicorn for the occasion.


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Feeling Peckish – Speakeasy Sweetheart by Clare Murray

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Feeling Peckish – Lucky Silver by Clare Murray
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