B&NAnother Feeling Peckish especially for your Hearts and Kisses day. This is a Valentine’s story by Desiree Holt that is so sweet, sexy and sizzly that you will think you have just had a nibble of the most decadent Valentine’s snack.

Max Sullivan is all I want for Valentine’s Day! (Probably since my guy gave me the flu and told me he had been sick all week and it was all I was getting) This guy is tender, charming, really good at biding his time and holy kittenballs does his moves rank up there with the late, great… you know–I’m not going to compare him. He can just take his own category and we will put new guys names in under his.

I don’t know if I got my gotchees and my heart got all melty when Max first kissed Stacy goodnight, when he first kissed her hello or when he was just ‘sayin’ hi’ in their special romantic carriage ride. Max is fifty kinds of boyfriend material and I don’t care about Stacy’s shortsighted BS about a Valentine’s Finish Line… le Sigh. She should be checking that engine hourly to check that it doesn’t need it’s parts greased because this is the type of situation where the ride is way more important than the end result.

As for Stacy… Stacy. Stacy. Stacy. Stacy. Stacy! Girlfriend, what am I going to do with you? Have you ever heard the term, “Dumber than a box of rocks?” I know it’s hard when you have an awesome, beautiful, charming, supportive, sexy, best friend to be blinded by all that amazingness. And it must be confusing when he is always there to kiss your boo boos and share a beer with you and be supportive and freakin’ fantastic. With all that goodness there it makes complete sense for you to see a great example of how a guy should respect you and treat you. Yet you date a string of jerks, tossers, lowlifes, mouth breathers, and pricks… am I right, or am I right? Why? But serialness, sweetcheeks, you are just killin’ me–you’ve really gone beyond the pale! I’d hate to see the picture you would draw for your psychologist of your dream man… I fear it would be one of the America’s 10 Most Wanted. If you hadn’t selfishly cried into your wine about being left by one of your long string of bad choices you might never have realized that the amazeballs guy who has wiped your nose for the past three years wants you. I don’t know why your mental retardation should be rewarded by incredible orgasms but it makes for exceptionally good reading! I wish that when I was younger and I was picking douche canoe after douche canoe I had been rewarded with the sexy fun times hands of greatness you do, lucky cow!

Do I sound bitter? Jealous? Should I take a deep breath? Call my psychiatrist? Call my mother? Where is my inhaler? I need some tea. Where is my inhaler?! …I want my mom.

This book was really good. I might rail against Stacy because for the most part she irritated me a lot of the time because she did feel very self centered to me in many places. Actually, I don’t know if it’s selfishness or immaturity. It was the sort of inconsiderate behavior that comes from someone who very much lives for instant gratification. Max seemed to really bend over backwards for her and she was just really absorbed in how people saw her. I wanted to steal her awesome chocolates. Hell… at this point I’d steal her awesome chocolate, kick her in the shin, tell her my husband took me to the doctor on Valentine’s to verify he gave me the flu and then he spent the day on the couch while I was in bed and then I would pull on her hair and step on her toe and then probably pass out from the exertion. Maybe I am bitter and jealous! Where is my inhaler? I really DO want my mom!

As much as I’m cryin’ about her being a horrible person Stacy isn’t a 24/7 nightmare. There are sometimes where she and Max have some really hot sexy times and I do feel like they are puzzle pieces. She does take a pretty long time to warm up emotionally but she has the sort of chemistry with Max that is damn near nuclear and it makes reading each kiss, touch and naughty, naughty scene sizzle worth the growl and tsk tsk. When it comes down to the flapjacks I would say that the two of them probably burn up the sheets like a five alarm fire. The only thing that could really make this book any better is if there were kittens involved. Everything in life is made better with kittens.

But back to the kittenless book… I think my favorite part of this love story was when Max comes to pick Stacy up for lunch and he runs into her former office romance needling her in her office skeptically questioning the box of chocolates she received from Max. Max sweeps in and gives her a no holds barred lip lock steamy enough to fog up the windows of the entire block. Between everyone seeing the Warriors QB coming to see her, his enthusiastic massaging of her tonsils and her swoony, head rattled reaction the office is in stunned silence. They get to the elevator and the door closes and this convo takes place:

“Think that made an impression?” he asked with a grin.
“More like a sinkhole,” she told him now that she could catch her breath.

This is a great romantic saucy novella. Perfect sexy snack. If you like this check out Desiree’s Coyote Heat part of the SEALs on Fire Series. Both of the mens in them are supa-sexified on a scale of one to sexified.

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Feeling Peckish – Quarterback Sneak by Desiree Holt
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