widow's walk I would like to thank Genevieve Ash and Laura from Ellora’s Cave for not sending the ire of the Angry Book Gods down upon my head on this one. I received this book and then I failed to put it on my Kindle at first. I put it on my Kindle and at the time I got it there I had more ARCs to read then I could possibly review during that week . So I finally got it done! I apologize.

Widow’s Walk is one of those novels that is achingly romantic… and sensuous… so sensuous.

Lindy is a romance writer who has really had a touch of the bitter taste of heartache. She has a rather skeptical view of real love and saves romance for her characters. She’s been swindled by someone who showed her what she wanted to see and said all the right things allowing her to play the fool while he was with another lover.  So the house on the Cornish Coast her Great-Aunt Emmaline has left her with the promise that it’s walls provide some sort of magic is a nice place to regroup, finish her book and leave old betrayals behind.

On first look the place is far more than a fixer-upper and it’s just her luck that her first introduction with it leaves her in the arms of an extremely sexy British Sea Captain. Her body doesn’t seem to care that it shouldn’t be quite as neighborly as it is reacting. Captain Thomas Phillips is always showing up unannounced and inviting himself to play hero to her damsel in distress. And the sexy Seaman seems to never be too far from her mind and even though he travels often she begins to long for his company and the kisses he keeps stealing.

The house Emmaline left Lindy takes up all of the spare time she doesn’t spend storycrafting to try to set to rights. As she is scrubbing and uncovering and making it relivable she is falling a little bit more in love with her new home. On a visit to the attic she finds a trunk full of letters between her Great Aunt and the man she loved. The trunk is full of them and they span years and years. Quickly Lindy becomes obsessed over the story of the lovers and she begins to see the parallel between herself and her Aunt and herself and Tom and Ben, the sailor who her Aunt loved. I have to say that the letters were really a very good tool that Genevieve Ash used to interweave the two story lines. I was never very sure if my heart was aching for Emmaline or for Lindy.

As far as the sizzle in this book… The book is serious sexified. Tom is an incredibly potent pipe layer. I loved that Genevieve Ash gave Lindy a rather comical sexual problem for her and Tom to deal with to break up the rest of the heaviness of the book. When you read it I think for many people it will be distressed and quickly judge and start throwing up their comments of offense–for me I just kept trying in my head imagining the room service people accommodating the couple. I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m not a judger, everyone has their thing and Lindy’s isn’t in her control, I just hope she learns to own it! Maybe she can buy Tom some floaties.

This is an erotica book and there are some really hot and heavy times had but as far as recommendations go I’m going to pull it away from the rubbing parts. This is a great book for people who enjoyed The Boundless Deep by Kate Brallier, which was an excellent book to read if you haven’t.

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Tongue Wagger – Widow’s Walk by Genevieve Ash

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