Holding onWhat is the old saying, “Puppy dog tails and coconut shells”?–No. That definitely sounds wrong. What are Keepers made of, dammit? I think the line I was remembering is an old Voodoo spell for how to keep your neighbor’s dog from regifting digested food on your lawn.

Liese knows what keepers are made of because Frey has passed the Friend Zone Line and scored more than a few points for Team ‘This Guy Is Mine’ since he had the spotlight in Truly, Madly, Deeply, You. And we can all take a deep breath because this Keepers keeper status has kept.

So we met Liese and Freytag in Truly, Madly, Deeply, You–and if you didn’t meet them then, Holding on Forever is really one of the sort of books you shouldn’t jump to without reading book one. In Truly, Madly, Deeply, You Frey was working it hard to romance his heartbroken and traumatized best friend out of a blue mood that had lasted so long that it had begun to leach the sparkle he loved about her out of her spirit. Frey is the consummate romantic and devotee; the very definition of steady and true. It truly seemed that Liese might be torn in half between the past and the future for always in the first book. However, patient Frey is a magical balm for wounded souls and he gave his Sweet Li all she needed to be whole once more.

Book two begins shortly after the first and Frey and Liese are still trying to find the right balance to get their feet in their new relationship status. There is a good deal of emotional instability because the high they had both felt initially is being dulled by the reality that their love won’t exist in a vacuum; having finially discovered their true feelings isn’t going to be able to change the outside pressures and interference. For Liese it is the prospect of ever having another family after losing her first, having Frey’s child and losing it–terrifying. For Frey it is worrying about Li. Worrying about how her family will accept them being together. Worrying about his family and having lost his brother not having him there to see him with the woman he has always loved. Worrying about whether or not he will ever be able to be with Liese without something or someone standing in the way of their happiness. Frey wants to take care of her and make her happy. He wants to give her the happy life she deserves. The kind of life that could chase away any fears she might have about their future. He wants to protect her and be everything she could ever want and need.

I won’t give away anything more of the story because you need to learn to read your own damn books and not rely on my reviews to tell you what happens!

What I will tell you about is how dreamy Freytag Meier is. I already told you he is romantic and devoted to Liese but I feel the need to impress upon the fact that Frey loved Liese since they were basically kids. When she was another’s wife he didn’t betray that love for her and let it make him bitter or angry he respected the love she shared with another and kept his feelings tender and unspoiled. Also when Frey and Liese became adults and started meeting other people and finding other affections he never abandoned her. His heart remained true. He is a Keeper. He’s THE Keeper. If Liese ever decides she wants to trade him in for a more modern version of his Keeperness for another one, I will take this model

As to what Book Boyfriend Freytag is, he surely garnered the best of the best. He would be the Boy Next Door, Does Everything Right, All In, Pure Sin and at times Pushes Too Hard, but I’m sure you could forgive him as easily as I can.

Pick up Truly, Madly, Deeply, You. Read it. Take time to have some tea. Stretch your legs. Purchase Holding on Forever. Read it. Claim Frey as your Book Boyfriend. (Liese is tots cool on sharing him so long as all affection shared is literarily.)

Cecilia Robert

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Book Boyfriend Report – Holding on Forever by Cecilia Robert

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