alone with youHere is a nice little Weekend Pick Me Up. This is a title I got from NetGalley and even though it was one of those Harlequin lines that fall outside of the one I claim to adore the most (Harlequin Kiss) this book was not a crazy premise so I will not cry in my soup.

Here we are with one of the original three no’s, a cowboy book, and it was not anything that ruined my world. Christmas books are something that I still will make a fire with–well not if it means setting my Kindle on fire, but I may buy them at the Salvation Army to save other people from having to read them with the sole purpose of toasting marshmallows.

Debbi Rawlins is one of those authors who has written more books than I have money (This is both the sad state of my bank account and her prolificacy). I have read her books in the past while on subscription book binges but to be fair these kind of books are a little like candy, they are generally sweet on the tongue, instantly gratifying, but later on they become only one on a long list of chocolate bars you’ve eaten in your life. It’s not a dismissal of her writing simply the fact that when you are getting a large amount of books to read in one subscription the name of the books and authors blur–like speed dating with books. Think about it this way–this book will be different in that I’m preserving it for the future with a review. This speed date will always have a name, his is Tanner.

Lexy Worthington wants to return to the family fold. Her reception is rather cold and she knows she is being tested when she is given the job of getting a rodeo star to a photoshoot for a promo calendar that sounds outlandishly unlike anything her father would ever having the family business involved with. She realizes though that her brother and all his bitterness has a great deal more to do with this than she could have guessed when the timetable and details of the shoot keep being altered during her trip. Her trip… where she is dealing with the arrogant and difficult Will Tanner. Tanner won’t fly, insists on driving. Drives hours in the wrong direction and makes unscheduled overnight stays with people who slow them down even more. He is close mouthed about his reasons for delay but full of all sorts of BS when he is trying to sweet talk her and seduce her. Sadly, Lexy seems incredibly susceptible to BS. Before she knows it she has been suckered by the biggest player there is and she is looking at losing her future while he is saving the future of those he cares about. If only she wasn’t counted among one of those people.

Alone With You is a quick and painless read. I had no great complaints but nothing to gush over. I would say it’s perfect to while away the weekend hours.

Next speed date book, please!

Debbi Rawlins Web Tracks: Harlequin Author Page

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Weekend Pick Me Up – Alone With You by Debbi Rawlins

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