Hello ladies, gents, cats and dogs. We are gathered here today because I have a proposition for Indie Authors in the coming year. It is hard to promote yourself as an Indie author. Being self-published is a little like being a parent, it’s a thankless job with little recognition and the only people who show you love are the people who want something from you. As a parent it’s generally money, as an Indie author it’s generally your first born. If only they had wanted your first born before your kid began thinking you were an ATM–maybe you could have worked something out.


The Weekly Indie Word Slinger Project is something I thought up while having a migraine and weeping about finishing my second book and the impending doom that will come with finding a reliable editor and designer to do the cover. I realized that Indie authors have the short stick and I was in the position to pay it forward. I could use The Force and by profiling an Indie author weekly throughout the year, I would be able to increase the readership of self-published authors at a basic level–one Indie author to another.

The Word Slinger Project is a vehicle where you get a chance to introduce yourself, I get a chance to show readers how you think and what makes you create the characters and stories that you do and together we provide links to social media, past reviews and interviews, excerpts, teasers, giveaways and reveals. You aren’t pushing the rock up the hill to have it roll down again all by yourself and I’m not pulling your caboose around. We are creating a partnership that will also allow for you to call on me to announce future releases, giveaways, births, birthday parties, and contact me when you need nap times and snacks as you wish. I consider each time I get the opportunity to work with a new author as being blessed by the ancient wordsmiths and storytellers who birthed all ye lil’ ones. (You will find though that I am partial to Dominos when you contact me for snacks and that I never leave my home so I will not RSVP for birthday parties. I am an armchair traveler)


Word Slingers Of 2014:

Week 1 – Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Nicole Banks
Week 2 – Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Gale Martin
Week 3 – Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Stan Morris
Week 4 Weekly Indie Word Slinger – CeCe Osgood
Week 5 – Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Simon Travers
Week 6 – Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Lori Bentley Law
Week 7 – Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Elizabeth Kelly
Week 8 – Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Khalid Muhammad


Here are the facts of your Weekly Indie Word Slinger life:

I need a few things from you…

Introduction – This is not the same as a bio. 
Media Links
Review Copy or ARC of your book.
Synopsis of your book
Purchase Links – ALL of them. 

Here are more details about those details…

Word Slinger Introduction:

I want you to write me an introduction for yourself that will be engaging and entertaining. You are not selling your book with this introduction, you are meeting new friends. Do not meet your new friend and give them your resume. They don’t want to know where you worked the last fifteen years and all your accolades. They are going to think you are a tosser. Be charming or stuffy or arrogantly rude, but be yourself! If you can’t manage this, give the task to someone who knows you well to write it or have one of your characters write it for you.

Word Slinger Images:

Images you MUST send to me include: Definitely the cover of the book you want me to review. Covers of any other books you want me to include in the profile. An image of you or if you wish to be anonymous at least be sure that you CLEARLY state this in your email or your document when you send it so I don’t mistakenly think you are missing something. If the book I am reviewing is part of a series, include the cover of the FIRST book in the packet.

Word Slinger Media Links and Other Tid-Bits:

Send me a COMPLETE list of all the ways to connect with you via social media. MAKE SURE THEY ARE ACTIVE. Yeah, I have to say that. Sometimes when you don’t go places… it’s like when you don’t use body parts, it tends to just fall off.

What Media Places Might You Include?

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Goodreads | Amazon | Pinterest | Instagram | Shelfari | Publisher Profile (also: places like Smashwords, Wattpad, Writers Carnival, NaNo, Bingo Blitz–I need more friends)

Word Slinger Review Copy Requests For Reviews:

Since I am doing reviews of books I generally ask to be provided with a review copy or ARC of the novel. If this is something that you do not feel comfortable with let me know ahead of time and I feel no offense in purchasing a book. It will not reflect either way in the review I give and more than likely from the amount of books I buy and receive I may not even recall how I came to get it. Reading and reviewing so many books per month (20-30) becomes very costly; any help I can get in deferring that so I can afford to buy tokens on Bingo Blitz is appreciated–(I really need more friends to earn more tokens… come friend me on Facebook and play with me).

Word Slinger Novel Synopsis:

When you send me your novel and your information please provide me with the synopsis of your book. If your book is part of a series I would really like it if you sent the synopses of all of the books previous to the one I am reviewing. When I post the review I generally post the cover, synopsis, Goodreads and purchase links for the first book in the series. If you make my life difficult and make me do all the work I will send a gnome to pee on your front doorstep. Don’t make me mad. I have an Army of Gnomes.

Word Slinger Purchase Links:

Under your review or any time I post the image and synopsis of your novel I will post the purchase links. Please provide ALL the links you have.

What Purchase Links Might You Include?

Amazon | B&N | Smashwords | Kobo | Sony | iTunes | Indiebound | Google Play

Word Slinger Interviews:

When I put your profile together I will also do a short Q&A with you where we will broaden the range of information provided in your introduction. I will be reading the novel you provided and I will be be discussing writing elements, character and plot development, story continuity, writing habits, research habits and where you came up with the ideas for your novel.

I DO NOT DO INTERVIEWS LIKE YOU HAVE DONE BEFORE. I will not ask you “bio” questions. I will never ask you a yes or no question or ask you to reveal something vital about an upcoming book. No spoilers, I promise. I like to ask questions that are thoughtful, provoking and in depth. You write because you love it and I am not going to insult that love by asking you something superficial. I will ask you about what moves you. I want to know why you craft the stories you do.

As for how I do interviews… I do interviews via Google Docs. Google Docs has a comment feature that allows you to reply to the questions cleanly without the information getting lost in email nesting. I also prefer it to email interviews because it allows me to keep the document on file in a folder that I can access easily in the future. We can discuss other means of doing the interview if Google Docs doesn’t work for you. For more information on how Google Docs functions Anson Alexander has a series of YouTube tutorials on how Google Drive and Google Docs works.

To see examples of questions I’ve asked in the past please refer to the Word Slinger profiles that have been posted and visit the He Said, She Said section of All The Things Inbetween.

What Happens After I’m a Word Slinger?

After your profile is posted you are welcome to stay in touch as much as you wish. I’m a great financial advisor–Bingo Blitz. I really would hope that Word Slingers will contact me for future reviews as well as to let me push releases and any important news on my social media and through the Book It spot. I have this vehicle and I’m offering it to you, I want you to use it. I plan to do a regular “Word Slinger Update” which will be posted on the In News Today so you can see what Word Slingers have been working on and are preparing to release.

Email me your COMPLETE packet or your questions or an Army of Gnomes will be sent to your home to water your front door.


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I’m looking for authors and victims willing to write guest blogs, reviews and interviews for All The Things Inbetween. If you would be interested in taking part please drop me an email and I will send you a thank you picture of a kitten!


Reader, writer, gamer, nerd, and kpop lover; Ms. Ali Cat lives deep in her own imagination within the grand city limits of San Diego, CA. A proponent of afternoon naps, kitten cuddles, and hashtags, she will be voting: #COFFEFFORPOSITIVECHANGE in the next presidential election.
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