Holding onI was recently in Vienna for a short few days when I ran into Frey while around some shops. I was surprised as could be because although he has always been a damn fine looking man, married life must really be doing something really good for him because he looked even more yummy than he did before Liese said, ‘I do’. I only had a few minutes to talk to him but I did get to check into everyone else from the Truly Madly Series. You check in too…


Frey! I am so surprised to see you! Are you shopping for Liese? Is it Holidays or Anniversary?

Hey Ali. Nice to see you here. Yep. I’m shopping for the missus. I’m spending this holiday with my favourite girl. It’s also the anniversary of sorts, but I’m not about to let that pull me down. I lost my parents during this season, but I also found my love. Nothing can beat that, right? 😉

How have things been between you both? I haven’t seen you since last year at your wedding! I can’t believe how quickly time passes. Is she doing well?

**grins proudly** Ah, never thought you’d ask. Mrs Meier is doing perfectly well. Three months pregnant and she glows like a damn Christmas tree with every passing day. God, I’m so proud of her.

Will you be doing something special this year to celebrate the Holidays? I think the first anniversary is travel in the new annual wedding tradition. I might have made that up though.

We’ve postponed any travelling plans until after the baby comes. We’re planning on visiting my parents with Liam, Kris and Ria, then spend the rest of the day just having fun. Personally, I plan to spend my time keeping Liese off her feet–if she doesn’t ban me from touching her beautiful legs. **laughs** what a spitfire.

How is Kris doing? And Liam and Ria? It has been an age. I try to keep up with everyone but I rarely come to Vienna and I’m shameful at keeping in touch with friends.

 **snorts** Kris is being his typical self. Cocky as sin. He met this woman in Ireland. Says she’s fiery.*laughs* Liam and Ria, well, **rubs the back of the neck* they’re a pain in the ass. Still pretending they’re not into each other. You should drop by. It’s bound to be an entertaining evening.

You look as happy now as you did the day you put your ring on Liese’s finger. Has the shine not worn off even a little?

Dear God, woman! Do you know how long I’ve wanted Liese where she is now? If it’s up to me, I’ll make damn sure the shine never wears off.

Then true love does exist?

Believe me, it does. One just has to learn the art of being patient. 😀

I suppose I should be on my way. Will you give Liese my regards and tell her she’s in my thoughts?
Oh and Frey?

Thanks, Ali! It was great meeting you again. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Drop by when you can. I know Liese will be so happy to see you.


Need SoFreytag is a character written by the fabulous Ms. Cecilia Robert found in the Truly Madly Series (First book is Truly.Madly.Deeply.You). She was kind enough to do an interview with me in October of 2013, Morning Tea With The Author – Cecilia Robert. I reviewed her book Homecoming the same month, and you should definitely check that link out. February 2014 will be a great month for readers of Cece’s brand of romance because her long awaited first book from her Hearts series, A Need so Insatiable will finally be released! (I’m going to whisper it here, just between you readers and me… She let me see a sneak peek at the cover of Fate and Other Coincidences and there might be some man skin on there. Just between you and me. Shhhhh.)

You can look around the web for Cecilia Robert and find her on her website, Goodreads, Facebook, her Amazon Author Page, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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Character Q&A – Chance Meeting With The Ever-Romantic Freytag Meier

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