Wendy Higgins Writes I was able to get in touch with Kaidan Rowe’s publicist, Wendy Higgins, to arrange a very short chit chat with him about how he was spending his holidays this year. I managed not to be the rabid fangirl whilst speaking with the completely babelicious Brit but I may have had a few internal swoons, but who wouldn’t? That accent is enough to make my knees weak and other parts of me start singing God Save the Queen. Major sighing has occured. I won’t make you wait any longer!

Kaidan, it’s nice of you to take a few minutes during the holidays to chit chat with me. How has Lascivious been making out these past few months?

Thanks for having me, luv. Right then. Lascivious is making out quite well. New album released. Tour schedule lining up. Taking advantage of the holiday cheer among the groupies. Eggnog, anyone?

Have you been writing any new songs lately? Maybe any love songs?

God, no. Who do you take me for? Some sappy git? 😉

Where are you spending the holidays this year?

Whichever party I’m invited to that’s the largest is where I’ll be.

Is winter in SoCal anticlimactic?

Maybe for some, but I prefer the mild weather. Bitter cold requires far too much clothing.

Is it hard to get into the spirit when it is hot and sunny?

Not sure the weather has anything to do with my lack of spirit, to be quite honest.

Do you have any any special plans to visit anywhere or travel for this Season?

Nope. Poor me. Same old shite.

Do you like Christmas or are you a Scrooge?

I prefer to think of myself as more of a Grinch. ha. Never celebrated.

Would you ever dress up as Santa to give someone special their present? Would you be a good Santa or a naughty one?

No. Gorilla suits are where I draw the line. There is nothing sexy about Santa. Sorry.

And what did you ask Santa to bring you this year?

Apparently I’m on the naughty list and always have been. I’ve never received anything from the “jolly” chap. Shocking, isn’t it?
I accept consoling snogs.

Thanks for the interview, gorgeous. The holidays aren’t my cup of tea, but I hope you and the other readers have a lovely one.

Kaidan will be releasing the third part of his three part autobiographical narrative co-written with Wendy Higgins called Sweet Reckoning on April 29, 2014. He is also busy touring and recording with his band Lascivious. There have been unfounded rumors that he has been dating numerous celebrities, models and rock stars over the last year but I have it from a rather reliable source whose name rhymes with Harris Milton that he has a steady relationship with none other than Jennifer Lawrence and that there is a sex tape floating around somewhere. Naughty naughty!

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Character Q&A – Holiday Quickie With Kaidan Rowe
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